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ReImagine | Your perfect, portable creative companions. 

Hard to break your routine from doing something different? Break into these 60 prompts to try something different more easily. Building your creative mindset is a journey that starts with taking small steps. The ReImagine cards is here to help you tap into the power of your own creativity through inspiration and small daily actions.

Be inspired with your ReImagine Notebooks

Our ReImagine notebooks are the perfect, portable creative companions to keep with you at all times.

With 4 different colors and quotes about creativity to choose from, the notebooks are a beautiful reminder to embrace creativity as a daily habit. Each notebook contains blank, unlined pages to fill with your own musings, sketches, or ideas. You never know when inspiration will strike.


How do I use ReImagine Series?

You can use our ReImagine Cards solo or in groups. We recommend setting daily or weekly goals and study what you learn and notice. No matter how you play, be consistent!

Challenge yourself to find five minutes in your routine every day where you can break into these prompts or reflect in your notebook.


When do I use ReImagine Series?

Anytime, anywhere. Our ReImagine series is designed to be with you on the go whether you’re in your office or embarking on your next overseas adventure.

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  1. Kushaan Shah

    So many of us want change in our day to day lives, whether it involves a change related to work, relationships, or hobbies that are lost in the prison of routine – Whenever I feel like it’s time for a change, it’s hard to really find something new to stick to every day without spending a lot of money or energy planning around other demands. Reimagine is a great way to surprise yourself – all the excitement about changing your routine without the burden of planning it. You could find an activity you do once or find something that profoundly changes you. It’s a low investment with a really high ceiling for reward!

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